Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Man Winter

So we weren't supposed to be THAT cold yesterday but old man winter wanted to let us know that it was still January (easy to forget when you've had many 70s and a few 80s days to enjoy) and sent the freezing weather our way. I'm TRYING to count my blessings in that it was a short-lived event. Mom and Dad's weather is, well Arctic and my bro got to spend a day and half at home due to ice (man I miss Snow Days...don't get them working out of a home office), so a little ice on things here isn't something I should complain about.

That said, I barely made it out to cover most of plants. I hope the ones I missed survive. If they don't, I'll take it as I wasn't supposed to grow 'em.

It will hit freezing the next couple of nights but our daytime weather should start getting back up to the 60s by the weekend, which is a good thing as we've got a GardenHoes work day out at Naomi's to prep our CSA garden.

DD is feeling MUCH better. After spiking a 105 fever for a bit and refusing to let the fever go away completely for a while, she finally is back to her usual self, was able to do gymnastics yesterday and went with Dad & brother today to the library.

Well, I need to run again... home alone with the kiddos while Ray's got a meeting at church. HOPEFULLY, we won't have any major "events" to tell him about upon his return.

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