Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not Much Changed

Since my last appt, nothing has changed except the size of my belly. No further dilation, but a lot more contractions. Doc thinks Reese has finally flipped out of the breech position and noted that it is just a matter of when he decides to make his appearance. DH said I still owe him 3 more days before I can even begin to think about going into labor. Considering my "official" due date isn't for several more weeks, I think we're fine. Of course, we really don't have much control over the situation at this point. Just trying to make it through each day without melting, cause I would choose the HOTTEST summer on record to have a summer pregnancy. Ug.

My Jesus

Our 4.5 yo daughter has decided that SHE rules the roost around here and has taken to being a wee bit bossy (even to us). Today, DH asked her who put HER in charge to which she replied, "My Jesus." He told her that Jesus said "you should honor your father and your mother". After a very brief moment of thought she informed him that "Well, Jesus changed his mind." It is going to be a long day.... LOL

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams in Our "New" Room

After what seems like, oh wait, it really WAS months of work, we finally got to sleep in our "new" master bedroom. Granted, we still need flooring and window treatments, bring in rest of furniture (and take out remodeling supplies still lying around), and to fix the headboard...but we are in our new room! On to fixing what will be the nursery! I'll post some pix soon of the end-for-now results! In the meantime, here's a quick glance. (Oh, the door is going to be covered up until such time as we redo the exterior of the house and close up that space. Wanted it to "disappear" somewhat, hence it being same color as walls.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Call Me Grace

Being 8 months pregnant wasn't enough.... I had to make it even more difficult to get around. Now in a boot cast thing and with crutches, I'm almost pathetic.

So I was merely squatting down when HOLY COW I think I broke my foot! Okay, so I didn't know WHAT I did to it but it hurt badly. I popped a couple of Tylenol (only drugs I could have being preggers) and hoped for the best. A bit later, as it continued to change color, began to swell, and continued to hurt, I had to have hubby take a break from the taping a floating of the sheet rock to haul me off to the doc.

Unsure as to exactly WHAT I'd managed to do, I was sent for an x-ray. Fortunately, I didn't break anything. Just messed up a ligament or something they figure, likely re-ticking off an old track injury from eons ago. Put me in a walking cast and suggested I also use crutches.

HA HA HA....crutches... THAT was funny. Having never used crutches before AND being a huge 8 months pregnant with two toddlers running around, me and crutches didn't exactly get along very well. I tried using them a little but it was clear that by using crutches I'd only end up in an emergency room with some other injury. With that almost certain future in mind, I set the crutches aside and hopped and hobbled on my boot thing. Just call me Grace... most of my close friends who know me oh so well do. LOL

It has been two weeks since I hurt my foot and I'm very happy to say that I'm getting along great. Don't use the boot anymore (very uncomfortable) and move about pain free. Yippee.... Seriously though, to injure oneself while squatting down??? Good grief.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


So our DD wanted a snack, specifically graham crackers with white icing. When she was told that we didn't have any white icing, she noted, "Well we have some chocolate icing. THAT would work. You HAVE to have icing with graham crackers!" So, chocolate icing on graham crackers she had. Maybe because it is a snack I had when I was kid, while I didn't taste one of the chocolate icing crackers, I still have to vote that white icing is yummier on graham crackers.

We Have a Room!

Many thanks to the guys who came over to spend part to all of their Saturday helping Ray get the sheet rock up in the bedroom and bathroom! What a wonderful, wonderful blessing! It is looking like a REAL room now!