Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gonna Kill Me a Couple Dogs

It is a conspiracy and I'm sick and tired of it.

The dogs have taken to destroying my plants during the night. After having lost a few plants to their evilness awhile back, my plants began feeling safe again....until recently. The dogs have decided to completely maul the pots and the contents therein of several of my larger plants. While I'm trying to nurse some of them back from death, these stupid dogs have destroyed a beautiful large tree that I had, 2 azaleas, a palm tree, and my precious Japanese Maple.

They seem to dump the pot over, dig/bite out the plant itself and then either maul the pot, maul the plant, or maul both. Sadly, with the 3 digit temps we have been having here, these plants shrivel up and go to meet their maker fast...most times before I spot the mess and can get the plant back in some dirt.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I KNEW I was hot... in really hot and not just having one of my because-I'm-pregnant hot flashes. Apparently with all the remodeling dust we've been stirring up added to the normal gobs of dust we have around here, our air conditioning filter clogged up faster than usual and I mean CLOGGED UP. To make things more fun (not) it has been sooo humid. So when you mix the humidity and the completely clogged filter together you get an A/C unit that not only shut itself down but has a ton of ice on it.

Filter is changed and we're waiting for the thing to defrost (with a little help from the hair dryer) so we can once again have air beyond what the ceiling fans push around. I KNEW it was hot around here. I'd love to yap more but I need to go and sit myself directly under one of the ceiling fans before I melt away completely.

See, dear, there was a good reason for my cranky mood... hee hee

Friday, July 10, 2009

Camera Shy

Had to go in yesterday for an ultrasound to check on size of baby (he's normal) and wouldn't you know it but he was being camera shy. Extra frustrating in that our doc was giving us a 3D glimpse at baby. Reese Jackson James (what his name will be/is) was only interested in showing us his legs and feet. Occasionally, he'd bless us with a glimpse of an arm and had no problems showing off his boy stuff, but a head/face shot? NOT going to happen. Best we got was a little glimpse of his face along with his arm and leg. Still though, thought I'd share it with you...

We have a wall...

Slowly, but surely, we're getting the remodel done. Earlier this week we got the studs up for a wall! How exciting!!!!

Each day we get a little closer to being able to button this thing up. The waiting is SO hard. At least we are now putting things IN the room(s) vs. taking them out.