Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go Team Go!

1st quarter at a Leander Lions football game.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday

For the second year in a row I participated in the "I MUST be nuts" event known to others as Black Friday. My husband even set his alarm so he could help me get out the door and to the store by 3am. He even loved me SO much that he had a 1/2 pot of coffee programed to be brewed before I had to walk out the door.

The BEST stop of the morning had to be Lowe's at 5:30am. It isn't what I bought there that made it great, but rather the fresh hot coffee they were serving at the door. God bless them! My coffee (and back-up cup in Ray's mug) had long since disappeared.

Was able to score some GREAT deals both for Christmas and just for me and although I wasn't able to score everything on my list, I'm tickled with the shopping I was able to do.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treating 2010

Despite feeling like complete and utter doodoo I was able to get the kids dressed for Halloween and my DH (who is also super sick to the point that he's going to doctor for first time in about 6 years) took them out for Trick or Treating. They scored! Plenty of candy to rot their teeth and have them bouncing off walls for weeks AND enough for hubby and I to "graze" as well. Kids had a great time which is most important thing. Ryan had a last minute change of mind and wanted to be Spiderman w/o mask again this year. Hadley was a Medival Princess. Sick baby stayed home with sick mommy.

Blast from the Past ...Like It Was Yesterday

There are some people who even if you've not spoken with them in 12-ish years, the minute you say hello again it was like you were just together chatting last week.

So was the case with a dear old friend, Jeri Ann. We quickly caught up on the big picture topics and next thing you know we were laughing over old memories (older than I'd like to admit...dang time flies) "COBWEBS!!!" and sharing the everyday life stuff with one another. I'm so happy to have had the chance to speak with her and look forward to being in touch with her again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NO Kissing!

So yesterday evening we had to have a talk with our 5 1/2 yo daughter about NO KISSING BOYS!

She informed us that there was a boy she liked at school so she kissed him but he didn't like it. Neither did we! Didn't think we'd be having to talk about no kissing at this age. It about killed Ray. LOL...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Babies Are Going Off to SCHOOL!!!

(pix coming)

I can NOT believe it! My oldest babies have started SCHOOL! Hadley started Kindergarten this year and Ryan is going 1/2 days to Pre-K. Both kids really like their teachers so far and they are looking forward to riding the bus. First couple of days we're taking them.

To make it more exciting, Nanny came to visit and help us with the transition. The kids were especially excited about this. Before we told them Nanny was coming to visit, Hadley had expressed her worry and concern regarding "what if you and Daddy forget to wake me up for school?" I told her that (1) we would NOT forget to do that, especially the first day of school and (2)told her that Nanny would be here as well. Before I could say anything more, she exclaimed with relief that Nanny would make sure she was up and ready for school. LOL... Like I wouldn't. Anyway, it was quite funny.

I just can't believe that my oldest babies are going to school already. Where did the time go. The one downside of the new job was that I didn't get to enjoy their last summer before going off to school with them. work work work...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Working on the Weekend

Not only have I been busting butt during the work week, often bringing home work at the end of the day, but I'm so swamped that I've sadly found myself plugging away on the weekends. I've gotta get a handle on things before my family forgets who I am and I go made from lack of downtime.