Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Babies Are Going Off to SCHOOL!!!

(pix coming)

I can NOT believe it! My oldest babies have started SCHOOL! Hadley started Kindergarten this year and Ryan is going 1/2 days to Pre-K. Both kids really like their teachers so far and they are looking forward to riding the bus. First couple of days we're taking them.

To make it more exciting, Nanny came to visit and help us with the transition. The kids were especially excited about this. Before we told them Nanny was coming to visit, Hadley had expressed her worry and concern regarding "what if you and Daddy forget to wake me up for school?" I told her that (1) we would NOT forget to do that, especially the first day of school and (2)told her that Nanny would be here as well. Before I could say anything more, she exclaimed with relief that Nanny would make sure she was up and ready for school. LOL... Like I wouldn't. Anyway, it was quite funny.

I just can't believe that my oldest babies are going to school already. Where did the time go. The one downside of the new job was that I didn't get to enjoy their last summer before going off to school with them. work work work...

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