Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remember Macrame?

While I typically only see it these days in regard to plant hangers, from the old books I have that we'd saved all this time (I've no clue what I was thinking other than I guess I knew I'd need them at some point), macrame wasn't only "all the rage" but I've yet to find something for which there wasn't a macrame solution. Need wall art? Done. Toilet paper holder? Got it. Curtains or clothing accessories? Not a problem!

I took advantage of my mom's creative gardening and decor eye while they were down for a visit this weekend. We decided that my front entrance could use a nice big Boston fern and some other stuff to help make it "pop" a little more. The red-neck tree trimming performed by my DH and my dad opened up the front entrance and made the yard look so nice (well, comparatively speaking) and made the front entrance a little more "visible", so it is time I fix up the front.

What do I mean by "red-neck tree trimming"? I can sum it up by saying that the extension ladder was on top of a patio chair that was set in the bed of pick-up which was pulled up next to the tree. Amazingly, no one was injured during the trimming of the trees.

Anyway, I digress... back to macrame (cause it is just such and exciting topic...LOL!) I didn't want to just hang the fern in the pot with which it came so I pulled out some jute and some wooden beads (saved along with the macrame how-to books) and made a beautiful plant hanger for the new fern. It whipped up in no time and I’m quite pleased with the end result…not that you can see much of it due to the mass of the fern, but I know it is there and that is all that matters. LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Bloom!

While out cleaning in the yard yesterday I spotted the year's first bloom! To make it even more exciting, it wasn't anything I'd planted but a "surprise". What a JOY!

My parents were in town for a couple of days and, as usual, we put them to work. This time out in the yard. While keeping the kiddos occupied, Mom (aka Nanny) helped me with some seed starting, seed transplanting and general garden design ideas. I'm SO very excited about the garden plan we concocted. I think it is going to make the front of the house look absolutely I just have to get it implemented.

Dad started the day helping me to till my veggie garden so we could amend it with compost and prep it for the spring planting. After he finished there he helped my DH trim several trees in the front yard. THIS was NO small endeavor. What a difference a few less branches, okay a lot less droopy branches makes.

Hopefully, we'll be able to share pix of the front yard clean-up as we progress.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Official

And you thought I just knit, sew, garden, make ladybugs out of bowling balls.... LOL

We are happy to announce that we are expecting our third child this fall. Okay, so it isn't the exact timing we were "planning on" but at least it isn't going to be another December/January baby.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


And boy, was it ever a surprise.

After working all morning/early afternoon on our CSA veggie garden project. Naomi, on her deathbed with the crud, drug me with her to get something to eat. Now remember, I've been gardening all morning. I'm dirty and no make-up...

As we pull up to the BBQ joint I'm trying to reach my DH to let him know that I'm with Naomi getting some lunch and trying to ascertain if and what he'd like for me to pick up for he and the kiddos to bring home. I mean, what a treat! However, I'm having difficulty keeping him on the line. I kept getting disconnected. URG. So while I'm staring at the menu on the wall and trying to figure out what I should get the fam, Naomi had walked over to the back patio area. She asked if I'd ever been to this establishment before and when I told her no, she told me that I HAD to see what they'd done to their patio. Now, I'm thinking they have planted stuff that we're gonna want and so I bee-bop over and peek through the door.

SURPRISE!!! There was my DH and children, along with some family and a few friends as well as a huge cake, balloons, gifts... I had NO clue. After recovering slightly from my heart attack and after beating up Naomi for the ornery part she played, I enjoyed the wonderful surprise bday party my DH pulled together for me. NOTE: Naomi told me that there was NO way she was going to be able to get me to clean up before we left cause she KNEW I'd be onto the deal, hence why I arrived looking like I did.

Thanks sweetie and my babies. It was definitely a bday to remember.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


That was the discussion topic for the new "beta" women's workout class up at church. Although it began last week, but due to conflicting schedules and lame excuses I didn't make it. I did, however, get there tonight and, while I'm on my endorphin high, will say that I'm excited about going back next Thursday.

We start the workout with a dance aerobic routine then fall into some hard core boot camp circuit type training. We end the workout with some yoga. I very much enjoyed the variety this class offered and hope that it is one that (a) I stick with and (b) continues to be a program offered.

Little Gardener

I meant to post this a week ago. Man, how time flies.

So DD and I had a "date" last Friday. We made some clothespin dolls from a craft thing she'd gotten for her bday. We took a trip to the garden store so I could grab some seeds to start for the CSA veggie garden at Naomi's and, while there, DD decided that she needed some flowers to plant. She picked out some beautiful purple pansies and, after stopping for milkshakes on the way home, we had a fun time planting them in a beautiful pot by the kitchen door so she could see them easily all the time.

It was a lovely little "girl's only time".

Of course, as it is a week after that outing before I'm actually posting about it, I do have what I considered to be a funny update.

Other day DD went our to admire her flowers and noticed that a WHITE flower had bloomed in the midst of all the purple ones. She called my attention to it and inquired, "Mommy! WHO put that white flower in my purple flowers??!" When I told her that God and the bees did it, she asked, "WHY??? I bought purple flowers. There's not supposed to be any white flowers." As the days go by, however, the flower is changing colors to the purple shade of the others and it is a beauty to watch.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's My Fault

I just finished cleaning, or rather scrubbing, the pond filter. I've been so preoccupied with the new job and well, life, that I'd not tended to the pond in weeks. It shows. GROSS!!

I've made an executive decision that we are going to empty the pond, clean it out, and start over again. It is SO disgusting and a regular cleaning just isn't going to cut it...unless I want to start having funky looking fish. We did this last year (when we only had a couple fish) when we repaired the pond. Unfortunately, we didn't get a pump and filter until late fall (thank you Naomi and John!). THEN, I didn't get my protection tarp made before all the leaves fell and, despite my going out almost daily to scoop them, I just lost control.

It is a most disgusting pond right now and even more depressing in that there isn't any plant growth in the whole garden area...although things are beginning to peak from the ground (YIPPEE!).

I've not yet shared this "executive decision" with my DH. I know he'll just be THRILLED with the idea... NOT. BUT if we can restart correctly this time then maybe we'll be on our way to a lovely and enjoyable water garden.

It is sad that my pond is so grotesque considering I am serving on the Austin Pond Society BOD this year. That's pretty bad.