Sunday, February 8, 2009


And boy, was it ever a surprise.

After working all morning/early afternoon on our CSA veggie garden project. Naomi, on her deathbed with the crud, drug me with her to get something to eat. Now remember, I've been gardening all morning. I'm dirty and no make-up...

As we pull up to the BBQ joint I'm trying to reach my DH to let him know that I'm with Naomi getting some lunch and trying to ascertain if and what he'd like for me to pick up for he and the kiddos to bring home. I mean, what a treat! However, I'm having difficulty keeping him on the line. I kept getting disconnected. URG. So while I'm staring at the menu on the wall and trying to figure out what I should get the fam, Naomi had walked over to the back patio area. She asked if I'd ever been to this establishment before and when I told her no, she told me that I HAD to see what they'd done to their patio. Now, I'm thinking they have planted stuff that we're gonna want and so I bee-bop over and peek through the door.

SURPRISE!!! There was my DH and children, along with some family and a few friends as well as a huge cake, balloons, gifts... I had NO clue. After recovering slightly from my heart attack and after beating up Naomi for the ornery part she played, I enjoyed the wonderful surprise bday party my DH pulled together for me. NOTE: Naomi told me that there was NO way she was going to be able to get me to clean up before we left cause she KNEW I'd be onto the deal, hence why I arrived looking like I did.

Thanks sweetie and my babies. It was definitely a bday to remember.

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