Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little Gardener

I meant to post this a week ago. Man, how time flies.

So DD and I had a "date" last Friday. We made some clothespin dolls from a craft thing she'd gotten for her bday. We took a trip to the garden store so I could grab some seeds to start for the CSA veggie garden at Naomi's and, while there, DD decided that she needed some flowers to plant. She picked out some beautiful purple pansies and, after stopping for milkshakes on the way home, we had a fun time planting them in a beautiful pot by the kitchen door so she could see them easily all the time.

It was a lovely little "girl's only time".

Of course, as it is a week after that outing before I'm actually posting about it, I do have what I considered to be a funny update.

Other day DD went our to admire her flowers and noticed that a WHITE flower had bloomed in the midst of all the purple ones. She called my attention to it and inquired, "Mommy! WHO put that white flower in my purple flowers??!" When I told her that God and the bees did it, she asked, "WHY??? I bought purple flowers. There's not supposed to be any white flowers." As the days go by, however, the flower is changing colors to the purple shade of the others and it is a beauty to watch.

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