Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's My Fault

I just finished cleaning, or rather scrubbing, the pond filter. I've been so preoccupied with the new job and well, life, that I'd not tended to the pond in weeks. It shows. GROSS!!

I've made an executive decision that we are going to empty the pond, clean it out, and start over again. It is SO disgusting and a regular cleaning just isn't going to cut it...unless I want to start having funky looking fish. We did this last year (when we only had a couple fish) when we repaired the pond. Unfortunately, we didn't get a pump and filter until late fall (thank you Naomi and John!). THEN, I didn't get my protection tarp made before all the leaves fell and, despite my going out almost daily to scoop them, I just lost control.

It is a most disgusting pond right now and even more depressing in that there isn't any plant growth in the whole garden area...although things are beginning to peak from the ground (YIPPEE!).

I've not yet shared this "executive decision" with my DH. I know he'll just be THRILLED with the idea... NOT. BUT if we can restart correctly this time then maybe we'll be on our way to a lovely and enjoyable water garden.

It is sad that my pond is so grotesque considering I am serving on the Austin Pond Society BOD this year. That's pretty bad.

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