Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remember Macrame?

While I typically only see it these days in regard to plant hangers, from the old books I have that we'd saved all this time (I've no clue what I was thinking other than I guess I knew I'd need them at some point), macrame wasn't only "all the rage" but I've yet to find something for which there wasn't a macrame solution. Need wall art? Done. Toilet paper holder? Got it. Curtains or clothing accessories? Not a problem!

I took advantage of my mom's creative gardening and decor eye while they were down for a visit this weekend. We decided that my front entrance could use a nice big Boston fern and some other stuff to help make it "pop" a little more. The red-neck tree trimming performed by my DH and my dad opened up the front entrance and made the yard look so nice (well, comparatively speaking) and made the front entrance a little more "visible", so it is time I fix up the front.

What do I mean by "red-neck tree trimming"? I can sum it up by saying that the extension ladder was on top of a patio chair that was set in the bed of pick-up which was pulled up next to the tree. Amazingly, no one was injured during the trimming of the trees.

Anyway, I digress... back to macrame (cause it is just such and exciting topic...LOL!) I didn't want to just hang the fern in the pot with which it came so I pulled out some jute and some wooden beads (saved along with the macrame how-to books) and made a beautiful plant hanger for the new fern. It whipped up in no time and I’m quite pleased with the end result…not that you can see much of it due to the mass of the fern, but I know it is there and that is all that matters. LOL

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