Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Being "PC"... It Ain't Pretty

So I received today the laptop computer for my new job. It is a PC. I'm a Mac girl. While I'm quite proficient on computers of any kind, to say that my transition from my Powerbook G4 to this PC laptop is a breeze is a pile of malarkie. Oh my goodness. Ctrl and Fn and Alt keys are in the wrong places and the touch pad on this new machine is possessed. The good news is that I've not broken it yet. I've opened up some funky windows (see statement about possessed touch pad) and am working my way around on it.

Anyway, here for a while, if you see funky things on the blog, don't worry. It was likely just my attempting to do something that worked on a Mac but doesn't on a PC. LOL

Well, I need to get a few more things set up so I can rock and roll.

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