Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New 'Do

Well, I'm happy to report that a brown paper bag wasn't necessary after my haircut on Saturday. My new 'do is pretty easy to manage (which is a good thing for me) and, thus far, I am enjoying it. Decided to go for a bob cut this time. I can always go and get bangs and layering down the line...which I likely will at some point. We did a deeper red color this time with some blonde highlights. Closer to the summer months I'll re-color it to have more blond highlights and go back to my more natural auburn red for the low-lights.

Until then... Here's a really bad before and a blurry after pix for your laughing enjoyment.


Ashley said...

ooooooh!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new do! you look SOOOOO GLAMOROUS!!!!! can't wait to show rhett when he gets home from california tonight! :)

ginny said...

very cute! I like it a lot!