Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Job for the New Year

It's official. I've got a new job! I resigned from my current position and turned in the signed offer on my new one.

It was SO hard to resign from my current job for a few reasons. (1) I LOVE the people with whom I work. (2) I have worked with my current (or is it now previous?) employer for 14 years and have learned much from working there. (3) we recently launched a new service offering, which I can talk about cause it is still in stealth mode, that I think will take the nation by storm and, having drank the koolaid, was looking forward to getting it off the ground. (4) Did I mention I love the people I work(ed) with?

Anyway, circumstances being what they were I was open to having a discussion when the call came in for a new opportunity. After much prayer, discussion and prayer I've decided to take the leap of faith and spread my wings. Later this month I'll be joining BridgeQuest, a software development outsourcing company based in NC, as an Account Executive. 

I so very much appreciate all the prayers over the past couple of months about this. While sad to leave Greywolf, I'm very excited about the opportunities lying in front of me with BridgeQuest.

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