Monday, January 5, 2009

Stayin' Alive

 ...I hope. When the winter chill hit Central Texas, we had to move plants to the greenhouse. I'm still SO thankful to have inherited this wonderful thing from my friend Naomi after she got her new one. My DH is happy about it as well cause now there are only a few plants in the garage rather than ALL of them. As for all the plants that I've got in the ground, I've been doing my best to protect them when necessary. I hope they make it.

If my plants follow the old adage of "first year sleeps, second year creeps, third year leaps" and if everything survives these cold spells, I should have a nice batch of creeping and leaping plants this year. I can't wait to enjoy my gardens once again. This year, I'm also doing some new beds. Removed all the pea gravel and landscape cloth from the bed in front of the house and have begun thinking about what all I'm going to plant there. Also, I'm hoping to make some beds on either side of a walkway I'm hoping to put leading to the front door. We'll see what all we actually get done. I still have to "finish" painting the trim on the house that I began two years ago. (Horrible, I least I got 98% of the front of the house's trim painted. LOL)

The past couple day's we've had another cold front but late last week was beautiful. We had fun prepping garden beds and making "spaghetti pumpkin muddy mud cake". Here's the kiddos showing off their tea party cake, which we pretended to enjoy before making another one.

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