Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have You Seen My Children?

Oh wait...THERE they are. The tops of their heads are popping out of the leaves after yet another successful cannonball into the leaf pile.

The downside of having gobs of trees on a nice sized lot is the leaf cleanup. While I raked and bagged in one area out front, my DH was blowing the leaves in back. He created a couple of HUGE piles, one of which the kiddos had MUCH fun doing cannonballs in. While we weren't excited with the knowledge that we'd have to come in and clean up the leaves again (cause the kids were spreading them EVERYWHERE), we loved watching them play in the leaf piles and just be KIDS.

Anyone need leaves for their compost pile? Not including the piles of leaves I have already put into my own compost pile, I've got, easily, more than 50 large bags worth of leaves (not including the gobs I still need to clean out of the pond and pond garden area)...LOTS more.

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