Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rip-it or Rig-it?

That is the question... Things were knitting up so beautifully on the February Lady Sweater I'm trying to make for my mom. I got all the raglan increases done, added in the eyelets, and got my extra rows added. Got three rows into the gull lace pattern when I realized that the extra stitches I had run across in row one of the lace pattern weren't my imagination. I frogged back to the pre-lace section only to discover that I wasn't 3 sts off, but rather 10. SOMEWHERE, I'd added TEN sts to the garment. Fortunately, since the lace is a 7 st repeat, I could feasibly make it so that there are only 3 add'l sts that I need to "hide". That is very tempting. I mean, it won't screw up the look of the sweater really, and besides, it is for my mom and she'll love it no matter what, right?

PROBLEM is that if I decrease those 3 sts, I still have 7 extra sts floating around....somewhere. While that doesn't affect the lace pattern (just gives me one more repeat), it DOES make it a WEE bit difficult in knowing where to separate the sleeves. I'm TRYING to look and count and look and count and see if I can finangle the stitch numbers in my favor. I fear, however, that I may have to just frog the thing back to kingdom come and start anew. Having already frogged almost 1000 sts, I'm not excited about frogging another couple thousand. URG.....

At this rate, I'll NEVER finish this sweater. I'm quite torn on how to proceed at this point. (insert huge sigh here). I'll keep you posted.

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