Monday, September 8, 2008

Kitchen Remodel.... Demolition Begins

After a zillion ideas as to what we wanted to do with our hideous little kitchen (from blowing out exterior walls and completely gutting the thing to just paining, I THINK we finally came up with a plan that will result in a beautiful and usable kitchen that we can enjoy for many years. That said, today demolition began. The bar/island that was built to never be removed got sawed and yanked out. The overhead cabinets, soffit, and the entire wall of sheetrock were the next out. Now it is the daunting task of removing this mega glued on 30+ year old worn out and brittle linoleum... Keep checking back for updates on the kitchen remodel! (Oh, and unfortunately, you won't be getting pix for a while of this project (probably going to be a good thing) as our camera croaked and we've not gotten a new one yet. URG... Life without my digital camera? I don't know how I'm going to survive!

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