Thursday, September 25, 2008

Numbers Finally Match

After having taken a few deep breaths, I had to frog a lot of the sweater. Went back a couple rows before the eyelet increase, thinking that it had to be around there somewhere that I'd gained those 10 extra sts I mentioned the other day. Unfortunately, doing so only uncovered some of them. The rest somehow magically appeared over the course of just regular knitting (and my obviously not paying attention to what I was doing). Having already ripped out 1/2 of the work, I was not in the mood to rip back to the beginning so after a zillion times counting and recounting the various stitches and finding, I think, where I had some extras tucked in, I started knitting again - this time strategically decreases the necessary number of stitches to get me down to the 235 I needed.

After a count and re-count, just to be sure, I had it! Yippee... After a careful round of eyelet increases (spaced according to my own math which anyone who's read this blog knows means trouble typically), I counted a couple times again. As called for by the pattern, I was up to 282 stitches on the needle and, to the best of my ability, they are properly spaced between the raglan increases. Can I get an AMEN?!

Now I've just got to do about 7 rows of garter stitch (in all my free time between work, family, and remodeling with the deadline QUICKLY approaching) and then I get to begin my lace pattern again!

This is supposed to be a very simple cardigan, I don't know why I had so much trouble. Hopefully, the worst is behind me and I can knit up the remainder of this sweater without too many more hiccups. (Crossing fingers that strategically placed decreases to get me down to correct number doesn't screw up math down the line.)

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