Monday, September 22, 2008

Bigger & Bigger

Just when you (or rather just when I) think the demolition part of this remodel is almost done and the putting back together stage will begin, we decide to rip something else out completely and start from scratch...usually another wall. That was, yet again, the case recently when my DH was working on the stove and what will be microwave electrical wiring. Rather than just making a hole where we were doing the immediate work, out came some wall cabinets that we weren't planning on removing and the entire wall behind the stove area.

Now, it has been decided that instead of tiling over the old counter top (which we can NOT remove in its entirety due to the original construction), we are going to pull the laminate off - that also goes half-way up the wall - and, yup, start over. The good thing is that we'll have a fresh palette on which to lay the countertop, the bad news is that this will be yet more demolition.

I'm SO ready for us to get on to the part of the remodel that you can SEE versus all this destruction part. I don't care that "prep is the most important part of the process". Prep is NO FUN.

Add to the ever so fun equation that we have two young toddlers running about and, well, remodeling a major room in a house you are living in WITH young ones running around leads to MUCH excitement... and exhaustion. Anyway, that's what's going on in the "Days of Our Lives"....We have our own little soap going on.

Enjoying every little thing you do in your kitchen, be it cooking a beautiful meal or just making some PB&Js, and just be thankful you aren't staying at my house right now!

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