Friday, September 26, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Town?

One of my all time favorite comedians, Jef-fuh fuh Dun HAM dot com, otherwise known as ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, will be performing in Austin on October 2nd! I've already told my hubby he may have to treat me to a month early anniversary date.

Some 18 years ago (eek... that was a long time ago), I was on the University Programming Board at Midwestern State University. We attended a conference where we watched gobs of comedians, magicians, musical acts, etc so we could determine who we wanted to book to perform at our campus. Jeff Dunham was one of those acts we saw. He and Peanut had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

His most recent show which aired on Comedy Central a few weeks ago, featured Jeff, Peanut (who Walter has described as a "Muppet on crack"), José Jalepeño "on a stick", Achmed the dead terrorist, cranky ol' Walter, and Melvin the not-so-super hero. Apparently, he's also added Sweet Daddy Dee and Bubba J to his group of crazy puppets. I've yet to see them, but I'm sure they will be as painfully funny as the rest of the gang.

Anyway, I realize his humor isn't for everyone and the fact that my fave comedian is a ventriloquist is something some may find odd, but I was just so excited to learn he's going to be doing a show here, I had to share the news.... Nnneeeeoooowww

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