Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Yellow" in Brown

I participated in a test knit for one of Erica Jackofsky's (of Fiddle Knits) beautiful new hat designs, Yellow.

Unfortunately, the yarn I used was not ideal for the project. The alpaca in this yarn created far too fuzzy a texture to be able to really see the beautiful stitches that make up the hat. I also ended up with some extra yarn from the skein I used and wish I'd been paying closer attention to that as I could have made more of a slouchy hat, versus the beanie style I made. Oh well... it is done and wrapped up. I'm giving it to my SIL. Before I packaged it up, however, the kiddos "modeled" it for prosperity purposes.

I definitely recommend this pattern. It is a simple pattern that, once you get going, you can knit on the go as it's a small project and you don't need to tote around the pattern cause you can remember the repeat easily.

UPDATE: It fit my SIL and, IMHO, looked GREAT on her!

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