Friday, December 4, 2009

Cow Tongue....Mmmmm

While I've eaten just about anything you can kill, I'd never had cow tongue. Hubby wanted some though, so cow tongue I made. Cleaning it fell somewhere on the gross-o-meter between pulling chicken innards out before you cook a chicken and cleaning the slime off of deer meat. It was SO nasty.

Anyway, we cooked it up. First I boiled it for a while. Then, after removing the outer taste bud layer, I roasted it for a bit before shredding it up and sauteing it with onion and tomato. Toss it on a warm corn tortilla with a squeeze of lime and YUM-MY!!! It was like a very tender and mild tasting pot roast.

Granted, while it was good, it was more work than I, personally, think it was worth so it won't be something I just whip up on any given night, but it was good and now I can say that I've eaten cow tongue. Just don't tell me that's what I'm eating while I'm eating it. ;O)

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