Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Christmas w/ the Family

The kids and I drove to Flower Mound to spend Christmas with my family. My brother and SIL graciously opened their home for the get together this year as they, with a one month old and me with a 3 month old, were unable to make the trek to our parents house for the holidays this year, and I with a 3 month old wasn't up for the long drive by myself much either.

It was a GLORIOUS time! We made it there without any incident - unlike Mom and Dad, for whom it took 12 hours and 15 minutes to make the trip this time due to the snowstorm. We were SO thankful they made it safely. 287 was closing down the line, right behind them it turns out and so many were stranded on the highway for Christmas Eve. We later learned that the road was closed anywhere from 8 to 13 hours, depending on the location. It was a MEGA long trip for them but thankfully, those 35+ years driving in that sort of mess for the highway department made Dad able to make the drive.

There was still snow on the ground when we arrived. We enjoyed a scrumptious Christmas dinner and many other yummies during our visit. The kids got to enjoy playing out in the snow - building a snow man and having snow ball fights and "skating" on the ice. We received many wonderful gifts and I think Dad really enjoyed his clock I made.

With five children ages 5 and under the house was FULL of fun and laughter. Hadley and Ryan SO enjoyed playing with their cousin Court and I think he took a real liking to Hadley, or HI-EE as he called her.

Some of the things I enjoyed most about the trip
- seeing/spending time with my family and meeting the newest Patterson, Beckham
- watching all the kiddos play
- having a snowball fight with my bro. Actually, I just threw ONE NEAR him but he decked me with several good ones. I complained at the time about the lack of fairness but I loved "being a kid" with my baby bro.
- laughing at the yellow snowman. Tucker decided to treat it like a fire hydrant and that cracked me up. He did it not once, but twice!

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