Monday, December 14, 2009

Here Comes Santa Clause

Guess who came to town? That's right. SANTA!
He visited the Cedar Park Library during the kids' weekly story time. There was a TON more kids there to see Santa than we usually have for story time but that was understandable. The kids all sang several holiday songs before Santa made his big appearance.

Although both the older kids were very excited about seeing Santa, by the time our turn arrived, Ryan wasn't much into sitting on Santa's lap, or even talking to him for that matter. I did, however, get a pix of all my babies with Santa Clause though.

Funny thing...a few days earlier as I was driving to the store, I passed a vehicle that a "real" Santa was driving. It made me take a second glance to be sure it was who I thought it was and sure enough...SANTA was driving past me. Now, I could have been all grown-up and played it cool and drove on as though nothing was out of the normal, but that wouldn't be like me. So what did yours truly do? With a big goofy grin on my face, I waved like crazy at Santa. He probably thought I was a loon. LOL.... It made my day though, to see Santa!

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