Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ToDo List Whittling Down

Yippee... Thanks to GOBS of help from my parents while they were down for a visit after my nephew's 1st bday party, we were able to get many to-dos checked off the list. Most of these were things that needed doing so OTHER to-do items could begin so while I'm so thrilled to have them done, they DO mean even more work.

Dad got the rolling gate for the driveway fixed so the stupid thing is easier to roll and doesn't fall off when I try and use it. Not only did he adjust the fence, but he rewired the chain link that had gotten messed up. To make it work even better he and my DH removed the overgrown vines and chopped out the trees that weren't only growing all over the side fence but up into a nearby tree. It not only works great but look SO much better.

The guys moved the dog's kennel from the front of the house to around back, opening up the side yard gobs. Mom worked on clearing out the side bed some more for me so we are very close now to being able to do the side flowerbed to mirror the new front flowerbed we put in a couple weeks ago.

Mom and I worked in the kids' closet and sorted out all the clothes that don't fit them any longer and hung up all the kids outfits so they can easily dress themselves. That was a looming chore that I'm so thankful to have done.

The last big project we completed was moving my old office desk out of the way, getting rid of the huge rug and moving my smaller craft desk over to my new office area. I'd been using the entire space for my office and craft/junk space. As we're going to be remodeling the "what will be Master bedroom/bath" (been labeled that since we first moved in), I had to downsize a bit. We got rid of the big leather couch on Freecycle a few weeks ago, moved the credenza to the dining room to be a buffet/storage (which we're loving), and changed out my work desk. I've got less desk surface space now (probably a good thing as I'm unable to pile so much now), but get to finally have my "groovy" side chairs come out of the in-law's attic to use as seating in my new "office space".

Lots got done and there is LOTS to do. We've basically got a bathroom, closet, and master bedroom that needs a complete overhaul. We're working on layout plans now and hope to begin work before much longer.

Thanks, Mom & Dad for ALL your hard work. SOMEDAY you'll get to visit without being worked to death. We love you!

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