Friday, April 24, 2009

Blooms, Blooms EVERYWHERE

While I knew that a few things had some buds on them, as of yesterday evening the garden was still pretty quiet. This morning, however...

WOWZA! It was like God told everything to open up over night. What beautiful flowers to adore this morning. In the pond, I've got 3 buds and one full open deep purple water iris, my guara is blooming like gladiolas (one anyway) bloomed!! This is my first attempt at glads. I had to try a few as a "tribute" (LOL) to one of my all time fave movies, "Drop Dead Fred". Anyway, it is a lovely pink/peach color. I'm just thrilled about this morning's new blooms!

Add these to the rose that is fully opened and a few of my light purple iris that are still blooming... it's all so pretty!

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