Saturday, April 18, 2009

And So It Begins (Part 1)

So before we can really get working on the master bed/bath remodel, we need to be able to have a place to put the stuff we already have in the room (not much) while we renovate (shoot us now). That spurred "Part 1" of our project... cleaning out the garage.

The GOOD news is that we are getting rid of stuff we don't need and are actually doing some of organization stuff/shelves/etc that we'd talked about doing when we first moved in a few years ago. Right now, the garage and driveway are a disaster zone but I've no doubt that by this evening, we'll be well on our way to having a more organized and cleaner garage (which we SHOULD since it is about a 3 car garage...sad to have enough junk to fill it up).

Anyway, break time is over... better get back to it! Sooner we finish the garage, sooner we can move stuff out to the garage and sooner we can get working on our Master Bedroom/Bath and therefore sooner to work on nursery. Whew! Anyone wanna join the fun and madness?

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