Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Search Is On for New Wheels

That's right. Momma's getting a new set of wheels. Vroom...vroom.

We've got the Explorer for the family (although adding a 3rd child to the mix has us fearing that we may have to next look at a *cringe* mini-van...but not at this time.

With my old Jeep on its very last leg and with no working air-conditioning (this makes it completely undriveable around here in most of the year..too hot), we were looking at needing to get rid of it and getting some different wheels, mainly for me when driving for work. Before we could sell it; however, we'd have to fix it up (including the A/C)and even then we were going to be lucky to get pennies for it.

Then we heard about the expansion of the existing AirCheckTexas Repair and Replacement Assistance Program. {cue singing angels} Praise the Lord! New I soon as I figure out what to get.

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