Monday, April 6, 2009

Batter Up!

Last Thursday was the first practice for DS's new T-ball team and Saturday (at 8:15 AM!) was his first game. His team colors are red, black, and white and they are the Cobras. I was able to attend the practice but hubby was stuck with taking kiddos to the game Saturday morning as I was heading to Buda with my friend, Naomi, for a wonderful plant swap!

Anyway, the practice was pretty fun to watch, all things considered. They worked on hitting the ball mainly. At the end of practice they were working on hitting the ball and then running the bases. DS hit the ball well but rather than running to first base, as all the parents were yelling for him to do, he ran after his ball. He was quite pleased with himself upon retrieving his ball, picking it up and announcing, "I got it!" Needless to say, we had to do a little work on teaching him the basic idea of the game. Saturday morning, as he was about to head out the door for the game, I inquired what he was going to do. He replied, "Hit the ball, drop the bat and run to first base!" I was tickled to hear later that he did, indeed, do so.

He was a cutie pie all dressed up in his hat, glove and oversized jersey.

I'll admit that dad and I aren't overly enthused about the fact that the days of sleeping in, even just a little, on Saturday have come to an end but are excited about how much our little slugger is enjoying baseball thus far.

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ginny said...

He looks adorable! Glad he had a great first game.