Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you, Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter!

We just returned home after having attended a wonderful service, "Chasing Grace", at our church this morning and then heading down south for a buffet Easter/MIL's Bday luncheon with extended family. It was wonderful seeing everyone and I enjoyed getting to eat a little of this and a lot of that without having to have prepared any of it...or having to clean any of it up!

Kids had fun with selecting whatever they wanted to eat and spending about 1/2 their time there running to the bathroom to go potty.... by themselves. Our DD played Pied Piper to her Uncle Rob for a bit and very much enjoyed eating the ICING from the layers of chocolate cake before finishing off my cheesecake. (It should go without saying that they are STILL bouncing off the walls...)

Hope everyone has/had a blessed Easter holiday.

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