Monday, May 5, 2008

The Addition of Tiki-Man

Just because I didn't post anything in April doesn't mean I was being lazy. In fact, quite the opposite was true.

We were very busy working in the pond garden and I must say that I'm extremely pleased at how well it is all coming together.

To watch over the fruits of our labors and to serve as a plant stand, I introduce to you - Tiki-Man! I was fortunate to receive Tiki-Man from someone who was tossing him out (code word: FREE) and every time I see him I smile. I especially like his "hair-do" which my DH notes makes him resemble the Chiquita Banana chick. HA! Of course, the time between when I took this photo of Tiki-Man and my entering this post, I've changed the pot on his "head". Same plants but a raffia rope type basket pot that looks much more "natural"?

I'm hoping to get some pix of the pond posted sometime this century. Keep watch!

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