Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Presenting (again) My Nephew!

Can you tell that I'm a wee bit of a proud Auntie? Hee hee..

Recently Court had his baby pictures done and oh my goodness they are BEAUTIFUL! What a handsome little guy my new nephew is. We can't wait to meet him end of May when he and his parents come through town. And if you think I can't wait to see him again (I took a road trip and got to see him the day after he was born!), my kiddos are beyond excited over the opportunity to see "THEIR" baby Court. LOL.

Anyway, what was I writing about? That's right, my nephew's beautiful baby pix. Well, I don't have room to share them ALL here but I did want to include a few of my favorites. Enjoy oooohing and aaaaahing over this handsome little guy.

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jeanius said...

oh! babies have the very special ability to make you love them just by being! He is no exception. I love the first shot