Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Memorable Memorial Day

The fun began Sunday afternoon when my brother, his wife and new baby boy stopped by on their way home to Ft. Worth from a wedding in San Antonio. This was the first time my DH and children got to meet their brand new nephew/cousin! My son kept trying to poke Court and was saying, "He's cute!". My daughter would have hogged ALL the baby time if allowed cause she just LOVES her new baby cousin and after Court left she was all upset and was heard saying, "I miss so very so much already." (Yes, we are working on the order of words in a sentence, but the message was understood loud and clear!) As for my DH, he commented that he didn't get near enough baby time to satisfy him. LOL... Needless to say we very much enjoyed the visit. I loved chatting with my "little" bro and Ashley about this and that and, obviously, oogling and aaaahing over Court. We were sad to see them leave but, having kids of our own, understood the need to hit the road and get on home.

Monday, despite having a ton of projects that needed attention at home, we packed up the family and headed to Lake Georgetown to spend the Memorial Day holiday with some friends. What a grand time we had! My DD couldn't get into the water quick enough and once in had to be pulled out (I think she's part fish). DS was mortified of the water at first and even after DH carried him he was less than thrilled with his surroundings. Of course, he hates baths too, so no big surprise. Things changed, however, when the boys went on the boat and went tubing. Although not as much a water baby as our DD, our DS was a maniac in the water the rest of the day!

The party ending and everyone was packing up to go home didn't go over well with kiddos who wanted to live at the lake forever. I wish! With all the excitement of the day they hadn't had a much needed nap so to say they were cranky about leaving is an understatement. Once in the car headed home, however, they passed out.

Boy! What a day!!!

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