Thursday, February 28, 2008

Garden Hoes February Work Day

Last Saturday was the year's first "Garden Hoes" workday. We met out at Naomi's to help prep her new HUGE veggie garden. Unfortunately, we didn't get as much gardening work done as we probably should have but definitely had more fun than we probably should have.

After a little work outdoors and a yummy lunch break, a few of us sat down and got crafty painting terra cotta pots for the Boys & Girls Club of Georgetown to use as give-aways at the Home & Garden Show on March 1st. We had TOO much fun doing this. A couple of the pots I decorated that I loved the most included my "Scooby-Doo", "Zannadoo" and "Eyeballs" pots. Naomi and Beth's pots were more of the beautiful variety where a few of mine were, well, a little "out there". It was a great time for a good cause!

Sadly, we are going to be saying goodbye to one our little group. She claims she hates our "cold Texas weather" and yearns for the warmer, tropical climate of Florida. In reality, we are trying to come to terms that she just doesn't love us... well, she does a little as she brought all her plants to our work day, since she couldn't move them. We love her for sharing her plants with us and I'm already working to give them all new homes in my yard. You will be missed though, Beth!

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