Monday, February 4, 2008

3 Year Old + Scissors = OH NO!!!!

It started out as such a BEAUTIFUL day. Despite being January, we were playing outside in the mid-70 degree weather. The kiddos were helping me to plant some flower seeds and we were playing on the swing set... life was beautiful. Then my 3 year old daughter (see bday pix in previous post) needed to go to the bathroom. Yippee!!! (Yes, we finally have this potty training thing done with her.) Upon returning outside to play I notice that her hair is all wet. When I ask her why she was wet she told me that she'd washed her hands (meaning also she obviously did her face and some of her hair as well). (I'm picturing liquid soap everywhere.) Her hair looks a little funny, like more than just "wet" and when I ask her if she used anything other than soap she informed me that she washed with "sticky soap" (aka hair gel). Great. I'm fearful for what liquid soap and hair gel mess will face me when I enter the bathroom. I was NOT prepared for what I encountered. As I open the door to the bathroom what I saw brought me to immediate tears (after the screams of horror and disbelief first....think old horror movie screams and frightened looks....that was me). PILES and PILES of gorgeous long blonde locks of hair were EVERYWHERE!

I ran back outside and hollered for my DD to come over to me so I could see WHAT ON EARTH she did. Keep in mind that her hair is plastered with soap and gel so despite the initial shocks I received upon checking out her new "haircut", we were in for FAR more shocking results once we washed the goop out of her hair and saw what was the real end result of her haircutting session.

My DH chopped off the beautiful long locks of hair to, as best he could without giving her a buzz cut, "blend" what was left of her hair with her new self created "rocker chick" do. He did an amazing job...for what he had to work with. I'm still heart broken over it, but as everyone keeps telling me.... it will grow back. I just have to keep repeating that to myself, "It will grow back. It will grow back..." Currently, her bangs (which she didn't have before) are ALMOST 1/4" long. The sides of her hair are about cheek level in front and she has SEVERAL 1-2" wide chunks all across her crown that are, at best, about 1/2" long and, unless we gel them down and do a Donald Trump comb-over, stick straight up in the air.

When we asked her WHAT she did and WHY she did it, my DD merely responded (while primping her sticking up in the air and have no hair in some places now 'do), "I made it SOOO pretty!" Lucky for her she is cute....

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jeanius said...

:huggs: mama! OmG I would react the same way!