Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Little Supermodel

So my DH took my DS in to get his 2yr pix taken. While waiting to see the proofs, my DH was just about to call me to tell me that we had NOTHING to worry about in regard to our kiddos ever being models 'cause apparently DS was quite a pa-toot during the shooting and just NOT working with the photographer... he had his own ideas about where and how he was going to stand. ANYWAY, as my DH is getting ready to make the call, the photographer comes out requesting that he sign a model release. HA HA!! "You've GOT to be kidding." was pretty much the response. Turns out that the photographer caught a pix of my little man in one of his finer "totally him" moments and liked it so much that the studio had already blown it up and had it in a big frame ready to hang in the front of the studio. I had to go by after work just to see for myself and, sure enough, there was my little supermodel in the front of the studio for all to see...and giggle over his "pose". Anyway, it was super stardom status to us and gives us a chuckle every time we see the pix, in our house or at the photo place.

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