Friday, February 26, 2010

Tramatic Day at the Doc's

Hadley: I don't ever want to go to that place AGAIN!
Ryan: Me too!

Today was Hadley and Ryan's "well kid" check-ups at the doctor. Both are doing great, I'm very happy to report. Hadley continues to be off the charts on her height. Ryan is right at about 50-75% percentile on his growth.

Despite not being able to hear me when they are told to clean their rooms, both their hearing checked out just fine. The only potential problem of the day was in respect to Ryan's eyes. We had some trouble checking his right eye. Left eye is great but doc wants to set up us with an eye doc to make sure his right eye is good as well. Probably nothing to worry about as doc said that, especially boys at his age, sometimes kids get tired/frustrated with the test and therefore don't test well. Hoping that was the case with Ryan.

Trauma came when it was time for shots. OMG... Ryan went first and although he cried terribly, he survived without too much incident. Of course, if I had to have six (6) shots, I'd probably have cried as well. Our precious princess, however, went ballistic and had a meltdown even before she got on the table, and she was only getting two (2) shots! You'd have thought we were trying to kill her. It was NOT pretty and although ridiculous, it did break my heart. Once both kids were jabbed and band-aided up I sat with them and consoled them for a bit.

As a "you survived shots" treat, we went to have lunch at Chick-Fil-A. That seemed to make everything better. The GOOD news is that they now have all their shots so Hadley will be ready to start Kindergarten in the fall (which she is SO looking forward to doing). Still though, it was a traumatic day for the older kids at the doc's. My poor babies.

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