Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And Baby Makes Five....

The fifth member of our family was born last Wednesday, September 23rd at 12:30 p.m. Reese Jackson James was 8 lbs 10 ozs, 21 inches long, and perfect! I'll TRY to post more pix in the coming he currently has his days/nights a wee bit confused and we are solely breastfeeding I'm not only constantly busy with him but ├╝ber tired as well.

I'm very thankful, and blessed, that my parents were able to be here for the birth of our third child (and for all the help while I was in the hospital and the days following my return home!) and so very thankful that Ray's parents were willing to watch our older two until we could bring them up to the hospital after Reese was born (and for watching the kiddos those few wee hours we had "false alarm" runs to the hospital).

Proud Dad
Nanny & Granddad ... Grandparents a 4th time (soon to be 5th w/ upcoming birth of Brother and SIL's 2nd child in November!)

Very Proud Big Sis and Big Bro with their new baby brother

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ginny said...

Precious, precious baby boy! Hope all is going well and the adjustment is coming along. Congratulations!