Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Way It's SUPPOSED to Be?

After almost 5 years the tables have turned...and it feels weird.

We really wanted to be able to have a stay-at-home parent, if at ALL possible, at least during our children's younger years. Before our oldest was born we looked at who had the best job/benefits/etc and those along with the fact that I loved my job at the time kept me in the workplace and my husband to handle the role of Mr. Mom. He has, for almost 5 years managed that role with more patience and sanity than I think I would have.

Unfortunately, with my having been let go from my last job months ago and not finding anything new (and quite honestly not able to just jump on something at this point since I'm now a ticking time bomb about to have our 3rd, and final, baby) we'd pretty much used up any "cushion" we had. We needed something. While not ideal, we are lucky enough that Ray has found some possibly semi-longterm work. That means, however, that for the time being, I'm the "stay-at-home mom". Luckily for the kids I've not killed them this week.

I ran out for a few errands yesterday and SHOULD have been done in a couple hours. I mean, most of them were just pop in/pop right back out things. HOWEVER, with kids in tow there is NO "popping in/out" and a couple hours turned into five.

Anyway, back to the why of the title for this post. So I was up at 6am making lunch for my sweetie before he hit the road for his long commute to work and he walks in and states, "THIS is the way it is SUPPOSED to be. The man going off to work hard to support his family and the wife barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen." Do what? LOL... I'll admit, even I found it funny and good thing too, cause at this stage of the pregnancy there is NO way I could have caught him had he ran after having said that.

So...any and all prayers for my sanity and patience during this time. (HOW did my mom, or my husband for the past few years, do it?) We'll see how long I last after having Reese before I'm begging someone to hire me (although I've been close to that point for a couple months now).

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