Saturday, September 5, 2009

Newborn Nightgown from an Old T-Shirt

Started with an old t-shirt that we couldn't seem to part with but never wore. Ended up with a sleeper gown for the new baby! This cracks me up and is a great way to recycle that old t-shirt and give it one more, albeit brief (as babies grow quickly out of things), life.

I remember going to the Lizard Lounge once my 1st semester of college. Was down for a University Programming Board conference (also the first time I saw Jeff Dunham and Peanut) and we went to Lizard Lounge one night. THAT was a long time ago. Shirt, however, belonged to my DH. It's been a painting/work shirt for some years (hence the splatters and such). Now, it gets to be spit up on.

Instructions and pattern were found on thismamamakesstuff's blog in case you have some old tees that are screaming to have a second life as a newborn gown.


Anonymous said...

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Meg said...

Do you still have this pattern? I can't find it anywhere online and it's such a clever idea!