Monday, May 11, 2009


After having spent the weekend stalking the mail person, both of my packages arrived today! I've got yarn EVERYWHERE and it is just heavenly.

Package one was nine skeins of grape/eggplant/plum wine (Color 9651) Cotton Flamme yarn spun in Brazil. This will eventually become the Tuscany shawl. It's perfect!

Package two included 3 more balls of yarn for the Hippie Bolero, tons of crafty supplies for the kiddos to, as my DD always says, "make somethin' out of somethin'"! Stickers, flowers, stencils, brushes, beads, ribbons, fabric paints...goodies galore. And that wasn't all. There was also two balls of some scrumptious light kelly green "aurora 4" yarn from Karabella Yarns of Italy. It is super soft and I can't wait to figure out what glorious thing it will become.

What a wonderful mail day! Yippee!

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