Saturday, May 16, 2009

Master Bed/Bath Renovation: Day 1

We began demolition of the master bath and bedroom today. We started getting much of the sheetrock down and was able to get the shower removed. Some things are built better in this section of the house than we encountered when we redid the kitchen. Any possible excitement over this fact, however, was short-lived when we realized what a mess the plumbing is. We knew the electrical was going to be a pain to deal with but, as is typical when you get into such a project, we're finding all sorts of things that need correcting/fixing/doing in order to make this space usable.

I have, already, the "finished" look idea in my head. Color of the walls picked out, look of the bedding and bath linens chosen and even some of the decor decided on. Sadly, it will be some time before any of that is a reality. Our goal right now is just to get the bathroom roughed out and at least the toilet working in the new layout and everything sheetrocked and, ideally, taped and floated. Then we'll move over to what will be the nursery and get it painted and ready for baby before coming back to the "master" bedroom/bath to finish it.

Looking at everything right now, and considering our new circumstances (I got laid off from my job), the end seems SO far away but I know that everything will, eventually, work out.

Anyway, the "fun" began today.... (1st pix is before we began ripping down wall. 2nd pix is result of first afternoon's demo.)

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