Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodies from APS Plant Swap

This month, the Austin Pond Society (APS) held its annual plant swap. We had a great turnout with tons of pond, bog and landscape plants. I was actually quite good during the swap itself. I used almost all of my tickets toward three metal frogs who are now jammin' down in my garden area. I love them. Once the main part of the swap had ended however, it was a free for all and I got just a few plants to add to my garden.

The good news is that I didn't come home with anything I took to the swap. I DID come home with a bunch of other goodies though including: Witch's Broom (saw that and knew I had to have something with a name like that), baby red salvias, 2 coffee plants, 2 black/blue salvias (one of my faves), mint, thalia, a plant I can't recall the name of, pond grass, dwarf hummingbird bush, variegated pond grass, malabar spinach, oregano, water cannas, flame acanthus, yellow water iris (will be a nice compliment to my dark purple ones), pennywort, and yellow water lilies....and the frogs.

I spent an entire day working in the pond repotting plants, adding in the new ones and doing some cleanup. Now if I can just get the string algae under control and get it cleared up, it will be all pretty. The pond definitely puts the surrounding garden to shame but considering that the "dry" garden is all from clippings, it is growing quite nicely.

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Naomi said...

OK, I want some of the yellow iris, cannas, malabar spinach, ond grass.... hee hee

Janine said she had a blast, btw!