Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a Long Day

After being up a good part of the night sounding like a wounded seal, we took little Reese in to see the doc. Turns out he had the croup. The doc checked his oxygen level and he was just good enough that, if I promised to drive directly to the Children's Hospital with him, not passing Go or collecting $200, that she'd allow me to take him rather than send him via the ambulance. Praise the Lord for that cause I had the other kids with me and I would have not done well with sending my baby off alone.

Off we went to the ER. Called Ray at work and he met us there. The docs got us in immediately and after a breathing treatment, some tests, shots, and x-rays, we finally got to go home that evening. It was so pitiful seeing Reese get his chest x-rays. They set him in a little plastic tube with his arms up over his head and clamped him in to keep him still for the pix. He didn't like it one bit. He also looked so helpless in his tiny hospital gown.

Thankfully, he got better fairly quickly and we didn't have to end up being the 1 in 4 that have to go back.

I guess Reese just didn't want to be the odd kid out. Hadley went to ER her 2nd day home from the hospital cause she was hungry (nursing wasn't working well enough for her unfortunately), Ryan went in with a febrile seizure when he was just a few months old...Reese just wanted his turn at the ER experience, I suppose. There... All 3 kids have had their ER trip. Let's hope we don't have any more for a very long time.

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