Friday, July 11, 2008

Things Adults Shouldn't Do

Sadly, there are just some things adults like myself (insert "extremely ungraceful as it is" here) shouldn't do. Roller skating is one. Another one, which we determined recently, is the Slip-n-Slide.

I'd received a Slip-n-Slide through freecycle this past winter and we pulled it out and set it up. Unfortunately, the kids weren't quite grasping the concept. Granted the thing is supposed to be for something like ages 5-8 and our kiddos are 3.5 and 2.5. Anyway, my DH and I figured we would show them how it was done. I mean, it has been EONS since we played on one of sounded SO FUN.

OUCH! We have further to fall and we have a lot more weight to go splat when we actually make contact with the ground. Running up to the slide I was thinking, "Woohoooo!! Watch me go!!!" Upon reaching the end my thoughts had shifted to "Holy cow! THAT was stupid!". The children got a big laugh at Mommy and Daddy's expense. But at least they learned how to "slip-n-slide", right? NOPE! They have their own version of how it is done and despite our not only telling but SHOWING them how it's done, they stick with their own way.

That all said, if you were thinking of taking a dive and doing a little slip-n-sliding today, I would recommend against it. Leave that one for the kids...along with roller skating (I'll spare you that story!).

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karina said...

That's funny. go on I want to hear the roller skating story. I would add trampolining to that, when we bought the kids a 14ft trampoline we thought we would all have a go. I felt sick as a dog, try to avoid that thing like the plaque now.