Monday, March 24, 2008


The goldfish have, for the past couple of weeks, managed to stay alive in a cooler while we have been working on the pond we inherited when we bought the house. (You can see a BEFORE pix of the pond in "My Little Eden" blogged Oct 19, 2007 in the archives of this blog site.) After a bit of work, we got the bulk of the cemented jagged rocks sawed/chiseled away. Small photo shows only a small bit remaining to cut/chisel. After removing the shrub, we dug a small trench which was filled with some drainage material and then a nice top pad was poured so as to provide a sound footing for the limestone we're using to border the pond (see 2nd pix).

The puzzle of putting the border stones has begun and we are hoping to get this completed soon so that the plants and fish can soon return to their home. Actually, for the fish, this is sort of an Extreme Home Makeover when you consider we emptied the pond, pulled out tons of "sludge" (don't think it'd EVER been cleaned), power-washed and sealed a few potential cracks, providing some nice shade areas while giving the pond more sun as a result of cutting out some in-bad-shape trees and the little shrub. Yes, there is MUCH left to do but at least now I'm seeing the end result in my head...ALMOST. Maybe...someday, I'll have a pix of the finished thing to share!

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