Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Giving Thanks

We spend Thanksgiving each year with my DH side of the family and this year, as always, we had a hoot of a time. With 13 adults and 5 kids running around there was much laughter and thanksgiving this year. The turkey was beautiful to gaze at and even yummier to eat. ALL the fixins were scrumptious.

Again this year, I escaped having to cook anything. I don't know who is more thankful for that...me or those who would have had to eat what I made. Instead, I took on, for the third year, the task of setting/decorating the table. Following are a few pix of this year's Thanksgiving dinner table.

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jeanius said...

that is a beautiful table! if we did anything that lovely, i too would be tasked with the table setting (not because i can't cook or anything, but b/c *they* can't 'make pretty') LOL