Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Time, More Money....More Headaches!

So we thought we'd done everything right when we were preparing to paint the exterior of our home (see earlier posts as to reason we decided to paint). We looked at a million color cards and selected the "finalists". We spent the money and bought a quart of the finalists to put up so we could determine the "winner". The "winner" actually ended up being one that was between the "Rattan Palm" and "Sweet Annie" colors that are visable in the pix posted earlier. It was a slate green color. What we didn't pay attention to was that the slate green color was an interior paint so when we went to get the exterior paint in this color the store ended up having to do a "custom" mix of it. Whatever... didn't think it would be a HUGE deal. Boy, were we wrong. Got home and painted the front of the house. It was evening when we finished and it finally dried and, to be honest, ANYTHING was better than the white. HOWEVER, the next day, when we could really see it..... tears came to my eyes as it was the WRONG color. In fact, it wasn't anywhere near ANY of the colors we'd selected as our finalists. It was a blue spruce! (Not that there is anything wrong with that color but it wasn't what we wanted!) Unfortunately, due to the HUGE headache and multiple screw-ups the day it was purchased, we failed to triple check the swatch to the paint and being custom, it wasn't returnable. URG.

Forget custom colors! We opted to get the color that matched it most closely in a "standard" color and after MUCH searching found it! Our home was going to be "Homestead Resort Olive". It was lighter than the "Rattan Palm" but still retained some of that slate coloring which was EXACTLY what we wanted and it was less yellow than "Sweet Annie" and a little darker. We were so very excited to have found the right color!

This morning, after we'd painted part of the front again with the new "correct" (or so we thought) color yesterday evening....did I mention that in my excitement the other evening before realizing the initial color was WAY wrong, I'd already pulled all the tape off the front of the house so I could begin taping for trim so I had to RE-TAPE everything again for the "right" color??....we were a bit shocked to learn that the paint didn't dry as dark as it should have. It looks like we have "Sweet Annie" on the house instead of the "Homestead Resort Olive". It is SO much better than the blue spruce color but is significantly more "yellow" than what we'd selected. What will we do? Go back to the paint store and demand they fix it...at THEIR cost this time since it wasn't a custom mix color or will we just go with it as we are SO SICK of this whole experience?

I guess you'll have to tune back soon to find out as even I don't know how this story will end.

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