Thursday, August 2, 2007

Try, Try Again

I have to start over on the wrap jacket I'm making. I had about an inch done and had to “frog” it last night. I'm hoping to start over today. What is “frogging” you ask? Well, what sound does a frog make? “”. LOL... New knitting term I learned and considering how much I will be using it.... I just find it funny. Maybe I'm tired. Anyway, I screwed up on the stitching beyond repair (somehow missed counted several and didn’t catch till too late...I'm sure trying to cast on and count while the kids were running amok didn't help.) so I had to rip the entire one inch (which I realize doesn’t SOUND like much but it was to me) out and try, try again.

Here's hoping I get my cast on number correct this time and that the continental stitch method enables me to move a little faster through the project....again, we'll see.

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