Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Let's Dig In & Get Started!

Wow...I'm blogging. That is too weird. Never thought I would get around to starting a blog. Of course, as with most of my "projects" the trick will be to keep it up.

That said, I welcome you if you are reading this. Mainly created this as a means of sharing my adventures, through "trowel and error", in gardening, knitting, sewing, canning, remodeling and whatever other projects happen to fall on my "to-do" list. Also spattered in here will undoubtedly be comments and pix of my better half and the kiddos.

Enjoy reading/viewing and commenting. Thanks for stopping by and taking some "thyme" out of your busy day to visit me!

I've been quite busy the past few months with project after project...or perhaps it would be most appropriate to say, "Starting" project after project. Every time I mention another "idea", my DH shakes his head, usually because he knows that inevitably he'll be pulled in to help with it as I have a tendency to get in a WEE bit over my head/skills level. Thank goodness he loves me so.

Our first garden yielded a decent crop this year...

so much so that we had to take up canning. The following pix was our first batch of canning (taken a few weeks ago). Since then we've canned several quarts of salsa, some more pickles and more pickled chipotles (YUM!)

In addition to veggie/herb gardening, I've been quite busy with regular gardening as well. My newest gardening hobby is plant propagation of ones I find that I love. My most successful, or rather the one I'm most thrilled about thus far is my Bat-face cuphea. Fell in love with this little plant the moment I saw it and since I live in the city with the largest urban bat colony in North America...well, it seemed appropriate. Perennial in Zone 8.

Lastly, just because I thought it was pretty, a pix of one of my red cannas that bloomed. Nothing fancy, just a Canna, plain and simple.

Well, that is all for now. Must run. I'll try to post some of my knitting adventures later. Cheers!

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